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Time Is Money

You need more than one or two videos made and you need consistent video production over an extended period of time. But your budget can't support piecemeal production.


Getting quotes from service providers every single time you need to produce engaging video content can be time consuming. Having a committed partner who is already intimate with your brand allows you to budget and plan ahead. This results in the ability to create content quickly and effectively every time.

When you sign up for subscription-based video production services with Darque Syde of D’Lyte Productions, you know that we’ll have regular strategy sessions with you to meet your ongoing goals for telling stories with video.

Our plans encompass total video production hours per month. This means you can expect as little as one video per month or as many as 5, pending the plan you pick and the size and scope of each project.

Man Holding Camera_edited.jpg


Film Set_edited.jpg




6 Month Commitment

16hrs Total Video Production


$2,000 12 Month Commitment




Paid Annually ($18,000)


Perfect for:

  • Consistent short social media content up to 60 seconds

  • Short interviews up to 2 minutes in length



3 Month Commitment

32hrs Total Video Production


$4,200 6 Month Commitment

$4,000 12 Month Commitment



Paid Annually ($42,000)


Perfect for:

  • More robust social media campaigns and ads

  • Longer narrative content up to 5 minutes in length


No Commitment Required

60hrs Total Video Production


$8,500 6 Month Commitment

$8,000 12 Month Commitment



Paid Annually ($84,000)


The sky is the limit!


  • The video professional knows your brand, so you don't have to keep explaining it over and over again the way you do when you meet a new pro.

  • You know the video professional you're working with. You already know what kind of quality you're getting instead of waiting for the first draft to find out the "pro" is less than professional and the product is less than stellar.

  • Time is saved by eliminating the need to approve funding when greenlighting a project because you always know what the budget is.

  • You can be strategic by taking control of your branding and messaging in the long term instead of constantly putting out fires.

  • You can build a body of work and always have a library of relevant content when you need it, where you need it.

  • Because time is money.


The bigger the commitment you make, the more you save. You save even more if you pay annually. Contact us today to learn more about how a subscription package can benefit your organization.

But don’t take our word for it.
Take a look at what some of our other subscription clients have to say:

You Have a Long-Term Video Strategy In Mind

One or two videos simply aren't enough. However, paying for multiple videos is not very budget-friendly.

Pay less for more!

Marble Surface
Erika Gilchrist.png

Erika Gilchrist
President & CEO - Women Thriving Fearlessly [W.T.F.]

A major component of my business requires audio and visual elements that consistently represent my brand and messaging. It’s so refreshing to simply present an idea to Darque Syde and know that it will be tailored and executed on time, every time. Z takes on my headaches, so I don’t have to.

Mark McHugh.jpg

Mark McHugh
President & CEO Envision Unlimited

Z has helped us better connect to our audiences through his professional videography and production services. By creating videos that tell the story of the individuals with disabilities whom we support, we’ve been able to communicate our message in a way that engages donors and volunteers at a new level.

Scott Williams.jpg

Scott Williams
City Councilman – Portage, Indiana

Z is always on time, well-prepared, and professional. He stepped in when we needed someone to live stream our monthly government meetings. He was able to get the streams up and running consistently and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

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