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Stand Out Without
Breaking the Bank

In this age where everyone can make a decent-sounding recording in their basement,

it becomes harder and harder to stand out among the crowd.

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Music Video Packages

All prices are for 1 edited video up to 5 minutes in length.



  • 4 Hr Shooting Day

  • Single Location

  • Single Camera

  • Basic Editing and Graphics

  • HD Video in MP4 Format

As a musical artist in today's world, you can't go far without at least one music video. Make the investment in your art with this entry-level offering. 

Good for:

  • Artists with a tight budget

  • First music video

  • Simple yet effective presentation



  • 10 Hr Shooting Day

  • Up to 3 Locations

  • Up to 3 Cameras

  • Advanced Lighting

  • Advanced Editing

  • Advanced Visual FX

  • Advanced Stock Content

  • HD and 4K Video in MP$ Format

You get regular gigs, and your music is streaming on all the major platforms. You are getting noticed. Now show off all that talent and hard work with a killer music video!

Good for:

  • Artists who want to enhance their growing exposure

  • Artists who have a bigger budget

  • Promoting songs and CDs

  • Live performance capture




  • Up to 3 10-Hour Shooting Days

  • Up to 6 Cameras (including advanced GoPro placement)

  • Outdoor Drone Footage

  • Premium Visual FX

  • Green Screen Option

  • Additional Actors

  • Advanced Lighting

  • Premium Stock and or Original B-Roll Footage

  • HD and 4K Video in MP4 or MOV ProRes Formats

You have big dreams and your budget can handle the pressure!


Good for:

  • Signed artists

  • Bands and artists with big visions

  • Songs that are best served by a narrative, movie-like feel

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