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Show Your Vision
On Social Media

Grow your audience and secure your clients using the combined power of video and social media. Check out our affordable package, and let's get started!


SocMed Packages

All prices are for 1 edited video.



  • Up to 1 Minute Run Time 

  • Stock Footage

  • Stock Animations

  • Stock Music

  • Simple Editing and Graphics

Our entry-level package. Create compelling videos consisting of a simple voice-over, or just let the text do the talking. Either technique is matched with relevant stock imagery or imagery you provide that supports the narrative.

Good for:

  • Short social media ads

  • TikTok Style Videos

  • Quick informational posts

  • Announcements

  • Animated explainers

  • Promotions and sales

  • and MORE!



  • Up to 2 Minutes Run Time

  • 1 Location

  • 4-5 hour Shoot (Add $750, 1/2 Day Rate)

  • Custom Graphics

  • Stock Music

  • Professional Voice Over

  • Advanced Editing

  • Visual FX

  • Advanced Stock Content

This is for when you are ready to up the game. We can shoot at any location you choose. From clean and professional to artistic and riveting, here you have access to advanced graphics that set you apart from your competitors.

Good for:

  • Longform social media ads

  • Short interviews with clients or members of the team

  • How-to videos

  • Product reviews and demos

  • Client testimonials

  • Behind-the-scenes videos

  • and MORE!




  • Up to 3 Minutes Run time

  • Up to 2 Locations​

  • Up to 10hr Shooting Days (Add $1500 Day Rate)

  • Premium Visual FX

  • Green Screen Option

  • Additional Actors

  • Advanced Lighting

  • Premium Stock and or Original B-Roll Footage

Ready to flex your business muscle? Utilizing a multitude of techniques, we can capture specialized shots of your process, drone footage of your facilities, or interviews with your team members or your clients. On top of this, you can have cutting-edge digital graphics to help tell a story like no other.

Good for:

  • Short, in-depth stories

  • Complex concepts and processes

  • Trailers and promos

  • Narrative content

  • and MORE!

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